To make sure the roofing project meets the expectation and quality our customers expect Mastercraft Exteriors performs random roofing audits on their projects. Mastercraft Exteriors employs a Quality Quality Assurance Supervisor, Jason Peach to assess random job sites.

Being that they are random audit, that will ensure all jobs to be completed with top quality in mind.

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Hail Storm Damages Homes, Vehicles

Spring Storm Drops Large Hail

Updated: 8:03 am CDT April 5, 2011 (via Channel3000)

MIDDLETON, Wis. — Many in the area heard the sounds of hail hitting the roof Sunday night, and they faced a tiring day of dealing with the damage Monday. popup SLIDESHOW: See Viewers’ Hail Photos“I heard some really heavy pounding on the house,” said Paul Stiteley, a Middleton homeowner.Many viewers sent WISC-TV photos of the hail. In some areas, the hail was the size of a golf ball.On Monday, there were dents and dings on vehicles at the Zimbrick Middleton auto dealership.”I’ve been in the car business over 20 years, and this is the first time I’ve ever had serious damage on the cars, or where I would say it’s the whole lot (that was damaged),” said Zimbrick Middleton General Manager Howard Hamre.Hamre said that of the more than 200 cars on the lot Sunday night, all of them sustained some degree of damage from the hail storm.”It’ll probably be a week before we can figure out what needs to be done on every car that we have,” Hamre said.

By midday Monday, some hailstones on the ground still hadn’t melted, and it looked as if it had snowed, WISC-TV reported.Many saw hail damage in Middleton. By Monday afternoon, an insurance adjuster with American Family Insurance arrived at one Middleton home to assess the hail damage.Eric Brandt, of American Family Insurance, said the siding on one side of the home he was looking at will have to be completely replaced because there are too many spots where it’s too cracked and broken to repair.”If water gets behind here, over time it could leak water; it could get in there,” Brandt said.Up on the roof, Brandt found more problems.”You can tell an impact hit — it kind of looks like a giant bruise,” Brandt said.”It’s the hardest hail that I can recall since I moved here in 1990. It was definitely a sound you typically don’t hear,” Stiteley said.American Family Insurance said it has already received 650 damage claims in Dane and Dodge counties. Of those, 200 are auto claims, and the company said the number could easily rise.Auto body shops said the average cost to fix damage they’re seeing with this storm is about $2,000.

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Mastercraft Exteriors took home the Proficiency Award at the prestigious Owens Corning Platinum ceremony in 2011. This award was given to elite contractors for exemplary business practices and innovations. Because of the software system Mastercraft Exteriors implemented,, teams are able to eliminate inefficiencies while maximizing profit margins.

Long gone are the days of field reps risking lost time and injury by navigating steep roofing planes. enables us to drop in roof sketches via Eagleview 3D aerial measurements, automatically calculating estimates. Upon receiving the estimate, a rep is able to enter the cost for labor and materials so a true “job cost” can be determined. This process takes an average of 15 minutes as opposed to the 1 to 2 hours previously spent on estimating.

Because Mastercraft Exteriors is a national company and is a web-based program, valuable time is saved as the entire company has simultaneous access to the same job. Our Account Administrator is able to retrieve information on the customer’s claim while a local manager accesses the account for ordering and follow-up purposes. Storing numerous copies of paperwork at various locations eliminates wastefulness and disorganization.
No matter how well a field rep or supervisor knows the industry standard, paperwork and other unnecessary time-consuming processes can hinder the ultimate outcome. Mastercraft Exteriors keeps quality assurance personnel and project supervisors in the field, where their trained eyes can remain on the work, as opposed to in the office. Numerous sets of eyes are watching any given project at any given moment. also allows a detailed log of communication throughout the entire process. Every action taken and conversation held is noted with a date and exact time. This thorough data tracking keeps everything within our offices clear, as well as limits liability with our clients. Mastercraft Exteriors realizes there aren’t many laws protecting contractors and wants to ensure everything is on record.
Mastercraft Exteriors strives to provide distinctive quality in craftsmanship, unparalleled customer service and a high level of character to our clients, competitors and industry. For more information about the company, please go to our website at

HUGO MN HAIL DAMAGE | Mastercraft Exteriors Can Help!
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Residents of Hugo were devastated by Sunday’s tornado and hailstorm. Tragically there was one death during this storm. If you have damage from this storm, call Mastercraft Exteriors so we can help you today!

Mastercraft Exteriors has been repairing homes and businesses with hail damage since 1996! We are your #1 choice in Roofing, Siding and Gutters!

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Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families that were in the path of this storm.

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Our company has been in the roofing business since 1996!

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Hail Damage Atlanta

Recently Atlanta was devastated by Tornadoes, Wind and Hail. Mastercraft Exteriors is here to help you and your family get the repairs that you need and deserve.

We know that selecting a company to repair and improve your home is an important and often difficult decision. Mastercraft Exteriors has helped people just like you since 1996! We are a family owned business who thrives in customer service and satisfaction.

Whatever your needs are, you can trust your home to Mastercraft Exteriors. Call us today for your no-obligation free inspection!

Hail Damage Atlanta